>WIP Squirrel, Dragons and Polymer Clay!

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This past week I’ve been working on a few different projects at once. Yes, I’m guilty of starting way too many projects at once, but what crafter isn’t? 

I’ve actually been working on this squirrel for awhile now and am just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pattern is by Pixiekitten and super easy to follow, but it’s definitely not a quick project. Adding fur to the tail is the most time consuming, but also the most rewarding. I’m so excited about how well it’s coming out!
After working on the large dragon head for so long, I needed something that would lend me a little instant gratification. So I started on a smaller dragon with the same general puffy cheeked look in mind. What’s really unique about what I’m doing with this one is that the horn at the top is actually made out of polymer clay, an idea I got from Kathleen of A Surprise Every Time. I think that in future mini-drags I’m going to make the horn a bit wider and less pointy at the top. My husband also gave me the idea of having a little lopsided tooth coming out from the mouth, which I’m definitely planning on adding as well. Now, obviously, these mini’s are not ment for children. Not only do they have small pieces, but they also have sharp objects…so, the upside to this is I have a whole lot more freedom in decorating them. Lets see how gaudy I can make ’em 😉

More polymer clay play
So I don’t get too burnt out on crocheting all the time, I decided to have a side project just for fun. My first attempt at making a figurine with clay is…have your guessed? Yup! Another dragon (have you caught on to my obsession with them yet?)! So far I think this little guy looks more like a baby Shrek though 😛
For more Work-In-Progress fun, check out

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10 Responses to “>WIP Squirrel, Dragons and Polymer Clay!”

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>Oh, that clay dragon is just gorgeous!

>Can't wait to see the squirrel finished!

>I love them all! I can't wait to see them finished. My husband has made some cute things out of polymer clay, but I don't think that I'd be that great at it. I think it will definitely add something unique to your projects.

>Hahaha, love the squirrel pieces. I bet it'll be adorbz when it's finished!

>that squirrel is going to be very cute when sewn up and the clay is fantastic!

>And here I thought the horn was a knitting needle poking through the top. Apparently I am stuck on stupid today. Your little clay dragon is so sweet, I have a dragon obsession as well.

>such whimsey! I kinda want that squirrel!

>That squirrel is amazing! (And yes, adding hair/fur is really, really time consuming. I've only ever done a pattern like that once, I don't know if I'd do it again!)And I'm so glad the polymer clay is working out for you. I'm jealous of your skills, the baby-shrek-dragon looks fantastic! It has so much sweetness and character. And I love the look of the horn on the ami dragon, too.

>What a neat idea for Wed ~ Work in progress ~ there are many us that have those ~ and UFOs ~ Unfinished Objects ~ ^_^

>That squirrel is amazing but I LOVE the little clay dragon and the yarn dragon. They are so awesome!

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